Miracle Sound launches a microphone that beats the ones in your smartphone

Device manufacturers like to talk about the design of their products. The way it looks and feels and all the lovely features it packs into a tiny space. But the largest consumer electronic manufacturers would never admit to the compromises that were necessary at the design phase to get a product off the ground.

Recently, mobile and tablet manufacturers have been in a race to slim down devices. The thinner the smartphone, the better the project sales, it seems. But with reduced sizes, designers have to make compromises in certain key areas. The microphone, according to Tamarac, Florida-based Miracle Sound Inc, is the part that is compromised on most frequently.

Smart devices have limited space for microphones and this means the audio recording capabilities of even the most recent flagship phones from major manufacturers is lackluster.

Miracle Sound is proud to announce a device that solves this issue - the Miracle Sound Deluxe Lavalier Lapel Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone.

The condenser microphone is device agnostic and can be used with any device on the market right now. It’s audio jack has four rings instead of the standard three, which allows for better audio quality and it’s wire is more than 59 inches or 1.5 meters long, which allows the artist to move freely while using the microphone.

The company is especially proud of its meticulous design approach. Even the audio jack that allows the mic to connect to electronic devices has a unique design. The 3.5mm jack has four conductors instead of the usual three - Tip. Ring, Ring, Sleeve (TRRS). This amplifies the quality of the audio recorded.

The microphone is easy to clip-on and set up, and is able to capture sounds from all angles in an environment given its omnidirectional capabilities. Omnidirectional microphones are considered much better than the usually unidirectional mics since they are able to pick up ambient sounds more clearly. Omnidirectional audio recording equipment handles wind noise, explosive sounds, vibrations and a build up of bass much better. They can also be used in any angle, upside-down or right-side-up.

One of the biggest advantages of the omnidirectional microphone from Miracle Sound is the  spherical shape of its mic, which means speakers need not speak directly into the top of the mic and can continue to record at any angle.

Miracle Sound set out to create a microphone that records authentic sound and is easily connected to any device. Currently priced at $34.99, the Miracle SOund Omnidirectional Microphone is on sale for just $17.98 on the Amazon webstore, where it is already ranked #1 in the Wireless Lavalier Microphones & Systems bestseller section.
Brand: Miracle sound
Address: Tamarac, FL
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.miraclesound.us