2nd March, 2013 – Montclair, NJ - NJ Fitness Factory today announced the launch of a new 90 day nutritional program dedicated to helping address the number one problem for those interested in losing weight — Accountability. 

The program focuses on the needs of those looking to lose weight that have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off in the past. The program includes individualized meal planning, weekly meetings with a nutritionist, a healthy grocery shopping tour, and home kitchen cleanout. The program lasts 90 days. The program works best when combined with one of NJ Fitness Factory’s individualized personal training programs. 

“When we first started personal training, we were able to help clients lose weight about 70% of the time. With this new program we have increased our weight loss success rate to over 90% because we have finally addressed the number one issue with failed weight loss, stated Marc Ronches, Co-owner of NJ Fitness Factory. We realized that people need to be led by the hand in the beginning. “ 

“In fact”, continued Mr. Ronches “various studies have shown that long-term weight loss success rates are less than 10% without a structured program. In a structured setting, 67% of people who lost greater than 10% of their body mass maintained or continued to lose weight one year later.” 

The 90 day nutritional accountability program will allow members to have unlimited email and phone access to their nutritionist. 

Stated Mr. Ronches: 

“Its not enough to just tell someone what to eat. People need a coach to teach them and help them through the psychological process of losing weight.” 

About NJ Fitness Factory 

NJ Fitness Factory, Inc is a personal training facility that specializes in weight loss and toning for those looking to change their appearance for both health and personal reasons. It was founded by Russ Teitsma and Marc Ronches. Mr. Teitsma and Mr. Ronches have been personal trainers for over 10 years. Please visit http://www.NjFitnessFactory.com for more information.