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New Lenox, Il, 11/19/2015 - "Yes it is true, there is a holistic machine on the market that can treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency with amazing results." said James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC.

"If you are not familiar with Chronic Venous Insufficiency let us explain just what isn't is."James Matthew said again.
Chronic Venous Insufficiency Explained:
Chronic venous insufficiency or CVI is a medical condition where the veins cannot pump enough blood back to the heart.The most common cause of CVI is superficial venous reflux which is a treatable condition.As functional venous valves are required to provide for efficient blood return from the lower extremities, this condition typically affects the legs. If the impaired vein function causes significant symptoms, such as edema and ulceration, it is referred to as chronic venous disease. CVI includes varicose veins and superficial venous reflux ("hidden varicose veins") It is sometimes called chronic peripheral venous insufficiency and should not be confused with post-thrombotic syndrome in which the deep veins have been damaged by previous deep vein thrombosis.
Most people with CVI can be improved with treatments to the superficial venous system or stenting the deep system. Varicose veins for example can now be treated by local anaesthetic endovenous surgery.
"You read the part about treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency with local anaesthetic endovenous surgery." James Matthew said again.
James Mattew explains, "We now have a pulsed electro magnetic field machine, or refered to as a (PEMF) machine that can treat hundreds of unwanted and even life-threatening conditions including Chronic Venous Insufficiency. After using the machine which is called the Miracle PEMF Machine that only we sell chances are one will never need surgery let a lone even see a doctor anymore." James Matthew replies.
"However, I or we are not implying at all that you should not consult with a doctor. This is entirely up to you. However I am suggesting after using the Miracle PEMF machine as directed the Chronic Venous Insufficiency can easily be reduced and in many cases gone 100%." James Matthew said.
"Chronic Venous Insufficiency is not easy to live with. It certainly is not easy to treat. However the Miracle PEMF has been getting fantastic feedback from our customers in which include not only individuals purchasing the Miracle PEMF for their own use but als from various practioners including medical doctors." James Matthew said.
The Miracle PEMF Machine is also mdesigned to treat hundreds of other unwanted health conditions as well. Here is a list of some of those conditions;
Pain Relief - Alzheimer-s Disease - Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis - Arthritis - Asthma - Atherosclerosis - Bone Healing - Bronchitis - Burns - Cervical Osteoarthritis - Chronic Venous Insufficiency - Dental Problems - Depression - Diabetes - Elbow Pain - Endometriosis/Endometritis - Epilepsy - Eye Disorders - Facial Nerve Neuropathy/Paralysis - Fibromyalgia - Glaucoma - Gynecology - Headache - Hearing Loss - Heart Disease - Herpetic Stomatitis - Hypertension - Insomnia - Kidney Failure/Inflammation/Stones - Knee Pain - Laryngeal Inflammation - Leprosy - Limb Lengthening - Liver/ Hepatitis - Lupus Erythematosus - Lymphadenitis - Mandibular Osteomyelitis - Maxillofacial Disorders - Migraine - Multiple Sclerosis - Muscle Rehabilitation - Muscular Dystrophy - Neck Pain - Nerve Regeneration - Neuropathy - Optic Nerve Atrophy - Osteochondrosis - Osteoporosis - Pain - Pancreatitis - Parkinson-s Disease - Paroxysmal Dyskinesia - Pelvic Pain - Peptic - Duodenal Ulcer - Periodontitis - Peripheral Neuropathy - Pneumonia - Poisoning - Detoxification - Post-Mastectomy - Post-Polio Syndrome - Post-Herpetic Pain - Prostatitis - Pseudoarthrosis - Psoriasis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Schizophrenia - Seasonal Affective Disorder - Shoulder Pain - Sinusitis - Sleep - Insomnia - Spinal Cord Injury - Stroke - Tendonitis - Tinnitus - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - Trophic Ulcer - Tubal Pregnancy - Tuberculosis - Urinary Incontinence - Urinary Inflammation - Trauma - Uterine Myoma - Vasomotor Rhinitis - Vestibular Dysfunction - Whiplash - Wound Healing - osteoporosis - Wrinkles - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Erectile Dysfunction Disorder - Chakra Energy Balancing Osteoporosis - Helps Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects Such As Nausea Bone And Muscle Strengthening

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