, a California online store has added a wide variety of both traditional and fruit teas to its product line.

Southern California, USA, December 30, 2016:, a Southern California kitchen supplies and small appliance online retailer has added a new line of gourmet teas to its offerings.  Due to a renewed focus on its kitchen accessories and supplies, Veggiesenstaions has come out with a line of teas that offers a fresh, fashionable and well-sourced take on tea and tea accessories.

“This is not your regular diet of grocery store teas”, said, Veggiesensations’ representative, “We’ve procured the best sourced teas from the most reliable bulk producers and distributors.  All of our teas are loose leaf tea except the Lady Hannah tea, which is a whole fruit tisane tea with an outstanding fruit flavor."

“Our vision is providing a large variety of high quality tea assortment to our clients which is available throughout the year at a stable quality and consistent variety.” she said.  “We have successfully done that with our coffee selection already and wanted to try it with our tea selection.” carries an exciting variety of teas, including, classic selections such as Black teas, Earl Grey and Green Teas, but also curious varieties like, Tisan, Herbal, Japanese and Fruit teas.  "A couple of examples of our flavored teas are clove and sassafras teas which are hard to find.” the representative said.

They also make it very easy for you to shop for teas if you are not familiar with the tea selection.  "For your quick reference, we have included a short description of each tea in the picture on our website. That way you will get an idea of what the tea tastes like even if you have never had some of our teas before."

The detailed description includes not only the description of the tea you are purchasing, but a little bit of detail about the native climate of the tea that gives it the distinctive taste and aroma.  For example, the description for the Darjeeling tea reads, “The 100% India Darjeeling, Tippy Gold Broken Orange Pekoe (TGBOP) Tea is grown on the southern slopes of the Himalaya Mountain Range. This fine tea thrives at elevations of 6,800 feet. Darjeeling is India's foremost producer of premium quality black teas due to a unique combination of higher altitude, soil type, hilly terrain with excellent drainage, weather pattern and the diversity of the bushes all lend a hand in helping create a flavor profile. Darjeeling teas have the most precious qualities of the world.”

Visit to explore their new extensive variety of tea, coffee and tea accessories.

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