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How would you like to grow fruits and vegetables inside, all year round? Or how about a nice indoor flower garden?

Without natural sunlight, it’s a difficult proposition but Visible Sunlight, Inc.has the solution. They have developed an LED lighting system that simulates sunlight.

The LED True Full Spectrum light provides the same type of illumination as natural sunlight. All that’s needed is a 110-volt outlet and the LED True Full Spectrum creates a 10-foot diagonal square of light that works just like sunshine. It produces 2,800 lumens, about the same as a 150-watt bulb.

And because you can point the light in any direction, there’s never a worry about plants getting enough simulated sunlight. Even if it rains or snows for days, an indoor garden can thrive.

“The LED True Full Spectrum light has unlimited possibilities for the amateur gardener as well as the commercial farmer,” noted Visible Sunlight. “Farmers in cold weather regions can grow their crops all year long. This saves on shipping costs and promotes the local economy.”

Visible Sunlight has created two prototypes of the LED True Full Spectrum light and both have demonstrated the ability to generate a rainbow of colors, which simulate visible sunlight. They are now perfecting a larger and more useful light fixture, to be used for indoor gardening only.

They estimate the costs for this project at $2,250. In order to generate the capital necessary for further research, materials and testing, Visible Sunlight has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a pledge of $75, contributors receive a discount of that amount on a LED True Full Spectrum light. The lamp itself can be purchased for a donation of $195.

“We have been able to create the LED True Full Spectrum light on a small scale, using a limited number of LEDs,” they explained. “Producing a larger lamp, which can be used for gardens and farms, will require additional research and many hours of work. The upside of this project, though, has great potential. So we’re hoping that people will help support this work.”

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