19, May 2015: A new blog has been launched for people who love to follow celebrity news and style, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Net Worth and Hairstyles blog is now cover the hairstyle journeys of celebrities, discussing their current net worth, body measurements and revealing the plastic surgery secrets of A list stars. The website has been especially created for people who love and follow celeb gossip and keep a close watch on celebrity style which is always on top of its game.

Celebrity Hair Styles: Celebrities play the important role of being role models and trend setter, people from around the world closely follow and imitate celebrity styles to feel fabulous. For all such people the new blog will be covering celebrity hairstyle journey over the course of their career, the focus will be on highlighting the best hairstyle moments the celebrity has had during their path to fame and success. Recently the blog discussed the hairstyle journeys of two powerhouse celebrities: Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. Both ladies have their own distinctive looks. Jane Fonda has always had age appropriate haircuts and styles even when she crossed the 70′s era. The fabulous Jane Fonda has a haircut to her name which she currently supports.

The Blog writer suggests: “Are you still wearing the same haircut that you wore in your 20s? Do you know that our facial features change over time so we should make changes to our hair in order to complement them at best! In this case, Jane Fonda hairstyles are a good example.”

Jennifer Lopez supports a timeless look that has minimal changes for maximum impact according to Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Net Worth and Hairstyles blog. The blog will continue to update hairstyle pictures of celebrities in near future.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets:

Have they or haven’t they? Among the many things that evolve in a celebrity, sometime their physical looks have sudden drastic change that may cause fans to wonder if the change in their looks is a result of a plastic surgery procedure. Most celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way that can encourage some to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to attain the perfect celeb look. The new blog takes a closer looks at the various celebrity plastic surgery speculations such as Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss and Courtney Cox’s unflattering look after plastic surgery. The blog also discusses some of the biggest celebrity plastic surgery disasters. There are also many good examples of plastic surgery gone right on the website. Understanding what is natural and what has been crafted with the help.

Celebrity Net Worth:

For those who wonder how much the highest paid celebrities make, the new blog will be sharing up to date celebrity net worth figures and news. Readers of the blog can find out how much Elton John makes after 4 decade long successful music career. Also recently shared on the blog was pop diva Beyonce net worth. Due to their highly successful careers most celebrities attain a great amount of wealth in a short period of time, many A-list celebs are also billionaires and some have business empires that add to their net worth.

The website also shares some celebrity body measurements along with their net worth. Kris Jenner’s body measurements shared on the website reveal how hot the mother of the hottest family on the television is.


Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Net Worth and Hairstyles blog is a recently launched blog that has been created to share with readers the latest information about celebrity plastic surgeries, net worth, and hairstyles. For more information please visit: http://www.thankyouforthrowingyourshoe.com