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Have you or someone you know ever failed to collect a payment for goods and services provided to a client? What were the consequences?

Since 2008, thousands of small, medium and large businesses have gone ‘belly up’ in this disheartening economy. The biggest reason for this is the domino effect. When someone closes their doors or loses a job, they can’t pay for the services, materials and products that are provided by businesses.

The biggest losers are typically the small and medium-sized business owners who can’t afford to keep the doors open while waiting for payments that may not even come in at all. They also can’t afford to wait for the legal system to work its way through the process. Additionally, even if they do win a judgment, often times they can’t collect it which means you spend even more money and time trying to get paid!

Bob Korvas has found the newest insurance product that can solve these problems. It’s called payment insurance. This product will pay the business owner for outstanding unpaid amounts that individuals or other businesses won’t or can’t pay.

Korvas said that: “This product is the perfect solution to eliminate or minimize exposure to no pay and bankruptcy cases.”

“This unique exclusive product was introduced to our agency about two years ago in a reaction to suppliers, tradesman and contractors not getting paid for their materials and labor. It’s had a lot interest from the first time I’ve mentioned it”How it works is pretty simple. You buy a policy starting with a $25,000 minimum coverage and it covers every job you do that year. Higher limits can be purchased for the year or for one job at a time. “It’s really unique and tailored to the individual needs of each business.”

Many of Bob’s clients have told him they wished they knew about this new insurance product before they lost so much money the last few years. But the issue is that not every insurance agency offers this product or even knows of it. In fact, Bob Korvas stated that “…a lot of my business comes from small business owners that switch from direct writer insurance companies (State Farm, American Family, Country Companies are examples). Direct writer agents can only offer basic insurance programs and often don’t have everything that these businesses require.

Bob Korvas has insight and knowledge of the construction trades, both suppliers and tradesman. It’s one of the focuses of his agency. In addition he has been personally responsible and involved in residential construction projects for other companies. He’s contributed to (Stanton point homes /, and created, organized and directed a SSA project municipal water main system in Prospect Heights Illinois from start to finish.

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