The First Sales of uVernal’s new Skincare Product Higher than Initially Expected

The organic brand, uVernal, is proud to announce that the release of the newest product, the Hyaluronic Acid serum, has been conducted successfully. The first orders have already been made online and the marketing campaign has met with positive results.

Marketing experts argue that it is the already established name of Hyaluronic Acid as a beauty product that has helped the new uVernal product become popular from the moment it was released. Organic products experts on the other hand state that it is the sustainable and clean way the product has been made, which appeals to the eco-conscious generation of beauty products users today.

The Hyaluronic Acid serum by uVernal is a 100% pure and organic product, which doesn’t use any filler ingredients and is produced with clean methods that don’t harm the environment.

Health professionals and beauty experts have long known the many beneficial effects that Hyaluronic Acid has on the human body. The acid is a natural ingredient of human tissues and is mainly found in joint and the eyes. In the joints, the acid acts as a lubricant, prevents the bones of the joint from chafing and rubbing between them.

As a skincare product, Hyaluronic acid acts mainly as a moisturizer. When applied generously on recently cleaned and dry skin, the Hyaluronic Acid is quickly absorbed and causes a lasting moisturizing effect on the deeper skin layers. When fully moisturized, our skin’s volume increases, which smoothens out small wrinkles and loose skin. The smoother appearance makes the skin look more youthful and healthy.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits, Hyaluronic Acid also helps the skin stay healthier and removes blemishes. Keeping skin moisturized properly is the best way to retain its health and youth, health experts advise.
The few worries that were expressed about the product were about its scientific name, which reminds or burning acids. Skin experts clearly state that there is no need for any worry, since this ingredient is only a mild acid and human skin prefers mildly acidic substances at around 5.5pH.

The Hyaluronic Acid serum from uVernal is absolutely safe, natural and beneficial for the human skin. There are no side effects, as long as the substance is used properly.

The new organic product is well on its way to become a great success in the beauty market, according to experts.

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