For more than a decade, seasoned freelance writer Brian Scott has relied on to find local and national freelance writing jobs. Eager to help writers maximize their search results and find more jobs, he now shares his proven search techniques in a special Hub called, "Find Local Freelance Writing Jobs at". Scott not only shows writers what keywords and categories to use, but he also reveals simple strategies to find work in nearby cities and states.

"Because freelancers have the advantage of working from home and communicating with clients via the Internet, they can accept any job from any state in the U.S., not just in the city or state they live in," according to Scott. "It only makes sense that freelancers would want to know how to search locally and nationally."

Scott also reveals the most effective job searches that have worked for him over the years, and what doesn't work at all. Using visuals and step-by-step instructions, he shows the exact process for searching specific categories at CraigsList and using key phrases to yield the best results.

Scott's information may be the lifeline that many freelancers need during this time of economic crisis and financial struggle caused by unemployment and mounting debt. Showing freelance writers a better way to find gigs in less time can be the difference between landing an important client and calling it quits. "Freelancers have the endless task of marketing themselves and finding decent-paying projects for the life of their careers," according to Scott. "This is one area that freelancers must master to be successful."

Scott's Hub on searching for freelance jobs, as well as his other writing-related Hubs, are available to the public at

Self-employed for more than a decade, Scott has worked as a freelance writer and graphic designer for businesses and ad agencies. He writes insightful articles on different writing topics and posts free infographics at his blog,

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