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New Lenox, Il, 10/1/2015 — According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC they a two high powered pain relief machines that has treated a patient with a serious spinal cord injury.
During September 2015 a customer called in search of a powerful pain relief product to treat his spinal cord injury.
The man had been in a serious motorcycle accident and had very serious injuries to his spine that it required immediate surgery.
This man had been living with severe pain in his back for about one tear before he decided to seek an alternative to all the painkillers he was on. He was even undergoing chiropractic treatment as well. However, all that really helped the pain were the painkillers. However, the pain Keller are very addicting and left him feeling extremely tired all day and all night.
Miracle Alternatives, LLC recommended two different pain relief machines.
One being the QRS 101 Home System. The other was the Miracle Wand. Why two different machines one may ask?
The QRS 101 Home System includes a full body mattress. Therefore, the man could lay on the mattress while sleeping or any time of the day.
Where as the Miracle Wand is more for localized treatment, however, it is possibly the most powerful pain relief device on the market.
The mans wife would move the Miracle Was up and down her husband's spine for about an one-half hour each day in addition to using the QRS machine for at least one half-hour or more each day.
To this day, it is to the best of our knowledge that the man is feeling extremely better and can do many things that he was unable to do before because the pain was so severe.
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Summary: As James explains it makes us, at Miracle Alternatives, LLC feels good when ever we are able to help o person that is living with so much pain and discomfort.
About Miracle Alternatives, LLC: Miracle Alternatives, LLC has been in business since 2013. They are an authorized dealer of the QRS 101 Home System. As for the Miracle Wand that is a brand of Miracle Alternatives, LLC and can only be purchased through their website.
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