Heidelberg. Marketing Nastasi is proud to announce that from now on the new handbook Manifestieren 2.0 Manifesting 2.0 can be bought on Amazon.com. The handbook is the perfect additional tool for their English online course to reach one's aims.

Many people dream of a perfect or even better life. But they never seem to accomplish what they want. How can that be since books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction have been so successful since a long time ? It is because people lack motivation to stick to their exercises. They plan to do a meditation for a few minutes every day. They start doing so and they stop again.
That is the reason why Marketing Nastasi started to do online courses for 30 days people get motivated with a daily e-mail with an exercise, every day they have a live online chat with the course leader Julia Nastasi and the internal bulletin board can be visited 24 hours a day. For private questions they offer an internal e-mail form these e-mails are answered within 24 hours personally.

But apart from all the online service to reach aims, many participants asked for something printed, something they could take with them offline. That is why the first handbook was published in 2008, this was thought to be an addition to the existing German online course only. When the English portal was started in May 2009, there was need for a bilingual handbook. Marketing Nastasi did now wait long and they published the new handbook, which can now also be used on its own but also still together with the online course. It contains a German and an English part and several extra information how to reach one's aims.

Since September 2009 it can be ordered on Amazon.com which makes it even easier to order for English speaking customers since delivery times would be much shorter and of course the price is in Dollar now and there are no extra shipping costs.

What does the course and the handbook bring the participants ? That is quite easy to say: If one does not know how it is supposed to be but everything is better than it is now, if one needs orientation and wants to know what exactly he wants, then the course is the right thing. If one already knows what he wants in his live but does not know how to reach these aims, then it is good for him. If one has read books like The Secret, The law of attraction or one of the other many books about motivation or seen movies about the topic and he wants to know how to put these things into his life, then he can do the course and will understand how to do it from then on.

More information about the course can be found on: http://manifesting.marketing-nastasi.de
The book can be ordered on: http://manifesting-book.marketing-nastasi.de

Reprint free of charge, please forward a copy.

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Marketing Nastasi was founded in 2003 and runs several websites around the topic health and healthcare, in the year 2008, online e-learning was added as a new sector and has now become an essential part of the young entrepreneurs. Five books have been published by Alexander Nastasi, among them the last one Manifesting 2.0, an exercise handbook from the experience of 15 months of e-coaching.