Heidelberg. Hundreds of successfully completed online courses gave Seminar Service Nastasi from Heidelberg, Germany the base for the newly published handbook Manifestieren 2.0 Manifesting 2.0 (June 2009). The new version of the book is bilingual German and English and thus not only an additional tool for the german courses but also a valuable addition for the new English online course manifesting.

A handbook for an online course manifesting is that really useful ? This question might come up as one looks at the portal with a multitude of free services. It is linked to the own Youtube channel with motivating videos, helpful book tips and for the undecided visitor there is a small free taster course in manifesting. Of course the participants receive allround service as it is unique in this form. Apart from a daily course mail that one might find anywhere, the two of them take the time to be there live every single day for 30 minutes. There is also an internal bulletin board that serves as an additional rich source of knowledge around the topic manifesting and there is the opportunity of a private e-mail for private questions that will be answered within 24 hours, as private and confidential of course.

Now one might ask if this big lot of allround service as a coach would not be too much once in a while. „Quite the opposite,“ says Alexander Nastasi and smiles. „It is so amazing what people are able to reach if they once set their focus.“ „And after all, every person who has ever coached another person will be able to tell you that there was still something for himself, something for his own development. It is just fantastic to lead people to their success and we won't let that be taken away from us,“ adds his wife Julia Nastasi.

But why a handbook in printed form would an e-book not be enough for it ? We asked the makers of the portal and got the clear answer that people apart from the big lot of virtual service still wanted something concrete, something tangible. And while the old handbook had only been an addition to an existing course, the new handbook „Manifesting 2.0“ is now also thought to be worked through without the course. It contains the approved form of 30 days structure and of course it can still be used as an addition to the course. The new version is bilingual to be useful for the English speaking participants as well. Beside various extensions and additional information it now contains two exercises which are quite comprehensive they can be found in the middle of the book and serve to support and intensify the process of manifesting.

Information about the book and ordering on http://manifestieren.alexandernastasi.de
The German manifesting portal can be found on http://erfolg.seminar-service-nastasi.de
The English portal can be found on http://success.marketing-nastasi.de

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Marketing Nastasi was founded in 2003 and runs several websites around the topic health and healthcare, in the year 2008, online e-learning was added as a new sector and has now become an essential part of the young entrepreneurs. Five books have been published by Alexander Nastasi, among them the last one Manifesting 2.0, an exercise handbook from the experience of 15 months of e-coaching.