High-quality cable deemed a successful product on Amazon’s webstore.

Tamarac, Florida-based Miracle Sound Inc. is proud to announce the successful launch of its Quality Sound Guitar Cable Pack on Amazon. The guitar cables are designed to lower capacitance, increase durability and fit perfectly with almost any electric guitar.

Miracle Sound believes it has designed the perfect cable for any professional electric guitarist. The cable jack fits in at a  90 degree angle which makes it easier to use with a paddle board. The length of each of the cables is only six inches, which means the capacitance is maintained between 20 and 30 picofarads. The cable is ¼th of an inch thick and made from materials that protect the soundwaves from outside  interference and make the cable extremely durable.

The pack of three cables was originally priced at $21.99, and  has been on sale at $9.99 for a limited time. Hundreds of online customers have purchased the cable pack and 34 reviews have been left on Amazon’s webstore. The customer reviews on the webstore mention the cable’s durability, sound quality and affordability.

Ranked #16 in the Musical Instruments > Instrument Accessories section on Amazon, Miracle Sound’s latest product could be deemed a success.

The flagship feature of the guitar cable pack is the lower capacitance and higher durability. The materials used are of the highest quality and a number of online customers claim the cables last longer than any other guitar accessory they own.

The company believes it has successfully created a product that propels the humble guitar cable from a commodity to an important tool for musical performances. The lower capacitance is helps the guitarist achieve higher highs on the soundwaves and a brighter sound when it reaches the amplifier.

Musicians and sound engineers know cables that are over 20 feet long have a higher capacitance and a perceivable effect on the quality of the sound. The quality of the amplifier matters to certain degree, of course, but the quality, length and coil setup of the cable is just as important.

Miracle Sound has created a reliable guitar cable that has a sturdy jack plug and a substantial outer shell that helps it withstand wear and tear. The jack plugs at either end of the cable are designed to support the solder joints so that artists can yank the cable out of the socket and not damage it in any way.

The angled jack on the cables are useful with guitars like the Gibson Melody Maker that has an input that is flat and on top of the instrument. While straight jacks tend to crack scratchplates when they are knocked off hard, angled jacks are much less susceptible to damage this way.

Miracle Sound has successfully released a high-quality, durable set of guitar cables that have been well received by musicians and hobbyists across the world. The Product has an average 4.5 stars of 5 on Amazon’s webstore.

Brand: Miracle sound
Address: Tamarac, FL
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.miraclesound.us