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The Green Smoke electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are designed to help people either quite smoking or enjoy the pleasures of smoking while causing less harm to the body. Green Smoke e-cigs contain no tobacco or any carcinogens. Instead, the e-cig itself is a cartomizer that contains a flavor package, heating element and battery. When the smoker draws in on the Green Smoke e-cig, the heating element turns the liquid in the flavor package into water vapor which contains nicotine. The water vapor is drawn in and then released from the lungs.

Green Smoke is safe to use in public areas and does not present the danger that tobacco products present to the smoker or those around them. Green Smoke comes highly rated and is regarded as one of the best e-cig products based on its combination of high quality, durability and low price. Green Smoke can also help smokers save money because the electronic cigarette system costs only a fraction of tobacco products.

The Green Smoke Pro Kit comes with a long rechargeable e-cig battery, a short rechargeable e-cig battery, a USB cigarette and USB charger, 2 Packs of FlavorMax Cartomizers, A wall and car and car adaptor, deluxe carrying case, a member card and user guide. Green Smoke also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. For more information about the Green Smoke Pro Kit and the exclusive 50% off Green Smoke promotion , please go to Best E Cigarette UK .

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