North Miami Beach, FL The electronic cigarette (or “e-cigarettes”) are becoming increasingly popular because of countless benefits they offer traditional smokers. There are many e-cigarettes available in the market offering consumers a wide variety of flavors and quality. One of the factors consumers look for in an electronic cigarette is its‘ ease of use and the level of satisfaction in terms of feel, compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
Green Smoke has positioned itself in the market place as a high quality e-cigarette brand. The unique Green Smoke e-cigarettes design overcomes the biggest burden electronic cigarette smokers have faced; too many parts! Unlike many of the competitor brands, the unique two-part e-cigarette makes “green smoking” simpler without sacrificing the realistic smoking effect to the user.
“Other e-cigarette companies offer a more complicated three or even four part design. Smokers interested in switching to electronic smoke are often turned off by the hassle of having to assemble the variety of parts. We feel that in addition to taste and quality, usability is important as well” Says Larry Yazenberg one of Green Smokes key marketing executives.
With over 2000 harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes that affect the body, e-cigarettes offer smokers finding it difficult to quit a healthier option. In addition to the reduced health risks, e-cigarettes can be used anywhere as they are not prohibited under public smoking bans. Also considering the high costs of cigarettes, smokers can save a lot of money with the electronic alternative.
Although smokeless e-cigarettes are not readily available in stores everywhere. Electronic cigarette companies like Green Smoke have made ordering starter kits and refills easily through their website. Green Smoke is one of the most competitively priced e-cigarettes available in the market. Ordering online means that customers can buy e-cigarettes at anytime from any location and have them shipped in as little as 24 hours.
Switching to e-cigarettes should not be a sacrifice in quality or convenience. Green Smoke has taken the electronic cigarette experience to the next level with their unique two part design to ensure that green smokers can get highest level of satisfaction and are not tempted to switch back to tobacco.
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