GeoWhere is a new and relaxed game available for users that allow them to learn more about geography with simple, easy to follow game instructions. It is a game that is perfect for students, teachers and just about anyone who would want an easy way to learn about the world and the places in it. Brought by, it makes it possible for users to travel around the world in the comfort of their couch.

The GeoWhere is basically a GeoGuess game. When played, the user can see five points randomly picked from the world and the users’ job is to recognize the locations. Upon recognition, the user will be rewarded and the more accurate they get, the more points they can have. To be able to do this game, the user must utilize their geologic and successfully “guesstimate” as much as possible wherever the random points are.

This game is very relaxing and very engaging, which is perfect for those who want to learn without strain. The user can just enjoy playing it and learn more about the world, learn about flags, atlas, geometry, geography and addresses with the help of Google StreetView. Of course, with the use of Leaderboards, the user can also brag to their friends about all the points they earned. What’s even great is that right now, the multiplayer mode is being worked on which will allow more users to play against each other on a battle for knowledge. So that players can play and score maximum points, they can also purchase “Guesses” which are available as in-app purchases.

The game is also available in different game modes including the POI or Point of Interest and Play the Countries mode. The POI mode is when the player can play the most popular and beautiful landmarks in the world just like the land of Gibraltar. On the other hand, the Play the Countries mode is when the user is allows to choose, which continents and countries’ geography to play such as America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania or a combination perhaps.

The users can also Geo Challenge their friends by sharing their points on Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Email to test their knowledge on geography. Whenever they share their points on social media, it is easy for their friends to go straight to GeoWhere and play the same challenge with a single click. This game is all so easy and yet exciting being able to learn more about the world and just at the comfort one’s home.

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