Seoul, July 2, 2010 Today, Simulation Tech, Inc. (STI) announced a new feature on its‘ company blog, Clean Air at Sea, The Ship Emissions Assessment will give ship owners an estimate of their vessel‘s exhaust emissions of SOX, NOX, and CO2 on an annual and trip-by-trip basis. Now, absolutely free of charge, ship owners can see, in real terms, their net environmental impact, both with and without STI‘s Emissions Reduction System installed, regardless of engine type or fuel consumed. The free Ship Emissions Assessment also includes a net savings estimate for the vessel, based on projected savings from the STI system.
About STI:
Not a sales blog, but rather an information source, Clean Air at Sea was started by Simulation Tech, Inc. (STI) as an interactive portal designed to give ship owners and management the information they need in order to operate their vessels in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Articles are added daily, Monday through Friday, in order to keep the information as fresh as possible. All articles have a comments section where readers can post questions, make comments, or provide information to others. It is our hope and goal that this site is useful to those who visit.
STI advocates the fiscally responsible regulation of marine emissions from commercial vessels. The IMO, under Annex VI, has recently implemented strict regulations related to the amount of allowable SOX and NOX that can be emitted by commercial vessel operators. Amendments, such as the ECA in North America, greatly impact the ability of ship owners to operate profitably. STI‘s research has focused on the ability to provide ship owners the latest emissions control equipment possible, but to make that equipment self-financing over the long run. This strives to keep readers informed of the latest regulatory changes occurring around the world, including pending regulations regarding CO2, and PM as they come due.
Of course, STI is recognized as a pioneering firm in the research, development, and manufacture of maritime emissions monitoring and control: Therefore this blog also contains news of the latest developments and technological breakthroughs by the STI team, and there are links to our products located around the site. We also show photographs and provide documentation regarding our successful installations around the world.
STI is committed to providing solutions to the industry. As stated above, Clean Air at Sea is not intended as a blatant sales pitch. As other companies enter the market, we provide links and descriptions to alternative solutions on the market. It is our responsibility to give readers the best solution to their operational needs.