Canadian Choice today officially announced their new Hamilton initiative. The company has begun educating the average consumers in Hamilton regarding energy efficiency. This is done through no obligation in-home consultation. The initiative is called Steel City Windows and is set to begin the first week of March.

Canadian Choice is a leader in the supply of windows and doors. The company has been around since 1975 and it is one of the more experienced and trusted businesses in Ontario. They are also one of the first companies to pick up on the new line of energy efficient vinyl windows and doors made in Canada. These are the type of windows that offer consumers big savings on their monthly energy uses and lower their costs.

The company is making a move for one of the largest cities in Ontario in order to bring about environmental change. The project is set to start in the beginning of March 2013. The aim is to meet with as many residents of Hamilton and educate them on the benefits of vinyl window replacement. At this phase, Canadian Choice will predominantly concentrate on residential homes and small businesses. High rise buildings and condominiums will not be subjected to this initiative, “because there simply isn’t enough power to meet all of the demand”, says Marketing Manager Nikola Stefanov.

This initiative is partially government sponsored. Even though the company does not gain anything, the consumer will be able to claim government rebates on any windows that they choose to replace through this program. This is so, because “Canadian Choice windows qualify for energy rebates by default. All products carried by the company are subject to strict government regulations and as such carry out the highest Energy Star ratings.”, explains Nikola Stefanov.

There will be no limitation or restrictions when it comes to window replacement. The consumer will be able to qualify for government rebates despite the number or size of windows they choose to replace. The same will apply for exterior doors, but not interior.

The Steel City initiative is a government investment in energy efficiency and clean energy technologies. The aim is to educate the consumer as well as improve the overall energy efficiency in Hamilton by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Improving energy performance in the home improvement industry is vital, and windows and doors is a great start.

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Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is a leader in the supply of thermal vinyl windows and doors in Ontario. The company has been established in 1975 and is one of the most experienced businesses in Canada. Currently the company has offices in all major cities in Ontario and in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

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