Resource Contains Recipes for 100 Skinny Cocktails
 How to Drink on a diet
Los Angeles, CA — May 6, 2015 — Anyone on a diet knows how difficult it can be to find low-calorie, low-sugar drinks that allow them to socialize and have fun with friends while losing weight. A new resource offers recipes for over 100 skinny cocktails that allow anyone to drink freely while dieting.

“How to Drink While Dieting” ( by Michael Cecchin is full of information and recipes that will help anyone enjoy delicious alcoholic beverages while keeping weight-loss goals. Cecchin’s carefully researched guide explains the secrets that allow smart dieters, thin socialites and celebrities to drink without gaining weight.

Each ‘Skinny’ Cocktail in “How to Drink While Dieting” is a taste sensation that can save up to 400 calories compared to a regular cocktail loaded with sugar and calories. Recipes include Cinnamon Dreamsicle, Girl Scout Cookie, Sangri-la, Shake Your Caboose, Royal Bolshoi Basil, Peachy Keen Bellini, Foggy Nights, Black Irishman, Skinny Alexander, After Dinner Kiss, Apple Kiwi Smoothie and many more.

Girdl scout cookie

The 200-page guide covers topics such as how to drink and stay healthy, which cocktails to avoid, how to mix cocktails like a professional, which glasses to use for each drink and more. The book also contains comprehensive calorie counts of popular beers and wines.

In addition to the resources found in the 200-page .pdf,” How to Drink While Dieting comes with additional resources and bonus features, including diet coaching audio files and 50 minutes of uncensored diet coaching. Customers who download the book will also receive “lifetime updates” when the program is updated as a free bonus.


“Losing weight successfully is about finding a way to live your life without feeling inhibited,” Cecchin said.  “My new resource is already helping dieters enjoy life and have fun while still losing weight.”

Cecchin’s ‘drink and stay slim’ guide comes in handy PDF format available for instant download to any computer or smartphone. The book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
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