Best Selling Travel Writer Shares Advice in ‘Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide’

Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide
Orlando, Florida — April 28, 2015 — Best-selling travel writer and former Disney cast member Beth Haworth has produced a money saving Disney guide that will help travelers interested in visiting the iconic theme park get the most out of their budgets.

Haworth’s “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” ( is a new resource that compiles the best tips, tricks and savings available for an affordable, fun Disney vacation. The strategies Haworth shares can save readers hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Every tip and suggestion has been vetted by Haworth, a Disney enthusiast who has tested all of her suggestions by traveling to Disney herself, both as a Disney cast member and as a mother of three.

In the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, Haworth shares tips on how to dine and shop to save money, how to save money on the cost of tickets and upgrades (and where to locate the best deals), how to find the best airfare and lodging, and more. She also gives suggestions for the hottest Disney rides, the most talked about shows and more information that every Disney tourist will want to know before they travel to the area.

The book also offers information on what to do at Disney on a rainy day, the best parks to visit with and without children, rules for food at the parks, how to avoid lines, hidden entrances and shortcuts to attractions that allow visitors to bypass crowds, off-park attractions worth visiting, the best places for Disney souvenirs, and more.

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide contains over 100 pages of information, with access to a web link for monthly updates. The resource, which costs $29.95, comes with an unlimited money-back guarantee. It can be downloaded as an e-book in Adobe Acrobat PDF format instantly at

“I watched hundreds of families needlessly throwing their money away because they didn’t know any better way,” Haworth said. “That’s how my e-Book was born. It’s everything I’ve learned and discovered in making a Disney vacation an affordable and magical experience.”

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