Costa Mesa, California; 08, May 2015: The womens drug rehab facility New Directions for Women has achieved an “off-the-charts” success rate of 96.5 percent of patients remaining sober six months after they complete treatment, the facility has announced.

The substantially above-industry-average level of success has come under the leadership of New Directions’ driven CEO, Becky Flood, who has also led the program to achieve the prized CARF accreditation and add an Early Childhood Development Services Program.

The secret to New Directions for Women’s success? The root lies in “spiritual recovery,” says Flood, who added that this is the “undergirding of everything we do.” If patients recover spiritually, according to Flood, the physical and mental inevitably follow.

New Directions for Women’s national reputation as a leading womens-only addiction treatment facility has led the facility to draw in patients from across the US to its scenic Orange County facility. There, they receive treatment from Masters-level clinicians who blend a multi-disciplined approach to substance abuse disorder treatment with art and equine therapies, drum circles, yoga, rock climbing, and meditation.

Added to the comfort and ease of a womens-only program which is dedicated to healing female addicts as well as their children, and it’s not hard to see why they are often at capacity — and expanding.

Patients like “Marie” (not her real name) describe the process of treatment at New Directions as feeling like they “came out of a cloud.” “Marie” was at New Directions for eight months, where — feeling safe amongst her peers — she recovered to sobriety after an alcohol and amphetamine addiction that saw her putting back 16 cocktails a day and which put her through two DUI crashes.

After Marie completed her treatment program, she put together a list of life goals and objectives, many of which might seem simple for those who’ve never faced a gripping addiction — objectives like having a loving relationship and finishing her college degree. Yet achieving her objectives was a major step for her, and as “Marie” notes, “Today, I have them all.”

Asked whether she could have achieved her dreams in a normal coed facility, “Marie” noted that women tend to “edit themselves” around men, whereas being around only women at New Directions made it easier to share her experience and “find hope and strength in each other.”

New Directions also orients their therapies to the unique needs of women with chemical dependency. Research has shown as many as 70% of women with substance use disorder have an abuse history; this as well as the numerous physiological differences mean the best treatments for women can be very different from those needed for helping men.

About New Directions for Women:

New Directions For Women is an Orange County womens drug and alcohol rehab facility which has been treating addictions for more than 33 years. New Directions for Women takes a uniquely holistic approach to traditional 12-steps based chemical dependency rehabilitation, including experiential therapies like equine therapy as well as yoga and drum circles.

New Directions also believes in treating addiction from the perspective of a family disease: there are full treatment facilities for children, oriented towards diagnosing and treating the consequences of being born to and living with parents who suffer from substance use disorder. New Directions’ counseling programs also include affected family members in both individual and group therapies.

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