Four-Step ‘E-Factor Diet’ Helps Get Rid of Belly Fat Permanently
Los Angeles, CA — May 17, 2015 — Most Western diets are so high in processed foods and chemicals that a person’s digestion is permanently damaged, causing malnourishment and fat storage and allowing gut yeasts to flourish. A revolutionary new nutrition program just released explains how to lose 4-to-5 inches of stubborn belly fat and reduce inflammation by adopting a diet that gets rid of “gut bugs.”
The E-Factor Diet by celebrity nutrition coach and fat loss expert John Rowley turns common nutrition information on its head, exposing the truth about what causes people to gain weight and store it in their guts.
“It’s not what you’re eating that’s the problem,” said Rowley said. “It’s when you are eating it. The real secret to weight loss has to do with eating ordinary foods – the ‘E-factor foods’ – at specific times. Doing this starves out destructive intestinal yeasts that are often a factor in fat storage and water retention.”

The E-Factor Diet program shares the secrets behind a four-factor process used by elite personal trainers like Rowley. The four factors can train a body to burn fat around the clock, even while sleeping. No calorie counting or extreme exercise is required and participants can still enjoy the foods they love.
Along with encouraging rapid weight loss, following the E-Factor Diet program can help reduce inflammation, increase energy, boost emotions, speed metabolism, and naturally increase fat-burning hormones.
The e-factor
The E-Factor Diet program, available for instant download, comes with a weight loss handbook, a grocery guide that lists the exact foods needed to eat for maximum weight loss, a meal-planning blueprint, a bonus “Cheat Meals Are Mandatory” Plan and the E-Factor Fast Food Guide and several other special bonus gifts for the low price of $47.

The guaranteed program also comes with a full year’s access to Rowley’s E-Factor Elite Support Community, which includes 24/7 online support from Rowley’s team and from E-Factor Dieters all over the world.
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