Agyless helps people look young, beautiful and confident with their new cutting edge device that smoothes out wrinkles on the skin safely, effectively and painlessly — on the spot.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (October 18th, 2013) — Age is just a number and Youth is a state of mind. People feel confident not about how young they are, but about how young they look. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look youthful with smooth supple skin and seeking ways to get the wrinkles out of sight.

Agyless is a group of enthusiastic people who aim to provide people with that youthful, healthy look and youthful state of mind, reliably, safely and effectively without pain. Dermal filler injection is the only proven way to achieve wrinkle-free skin without going under the knife. However, filler injections results depend mainly upon the skill and experience of the practitioner. A simple, easy mistake by the practitioner can result in unattractive and unnatural look.

Agyless has invented a solution that does not depend on manual procedures but is fully automated, eliminates complications, errors and adverse events caused by manual injection procedures. Agyless’ Filler device is the industry’s first automatic dermal filler injecting device. This device makes the dermal filler injection procedure safe and easy. The device employs patented technology and yields excellent results, independent of the doctor’s qualification or experience.

As we age the collagen layer beneath our skin becomes thinner causing wrinkles. By filling these depleted areas the skin is smoothened, removing the winkles. Agyless’ device automatically injects the dermal filler under the skin along the wrinkle and smoothes it out. The injected dermal filler is FDA approved and has been widely used for many years. Their state of the art technology has made the device safer than all other wrinkle treatment methods that currently exist. The device provides great results even if the injections are performed by non-skilled practitioners, eliminating common side effects like swelling and bruising that are otherwise caused during manual procedures.

Agyless first prototype testing has yield excellent results. The device has been found to be user friendly without requiring any special skills to operate. No visible penetration holes done by the needle and no blood at all were observed. There was also no swelling, redness or hematoma after the treatment.

Agyless has assembled and successfully tested the first prototype of the device. They are continuously improving it and need additional investments in order to finalize the project. They have just launched an equity fundraising campaign at

During 2012, dermal filler sales reached $400 million in the US. We are planning to get a share of this turnover by selling special dermal filler containers compatible only with our device. The device will use unique filler containers, which will help us to develop a business model "Machine->Filler container>Service" used by companies such as NESPRESSO, HP and many others.

Despite the economy, cosmetic and plastic surgery industries are enjoying a boom assuring that it is safe to invest in this revolutionary device, with a great return on investment. For more information:,

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