Port St. John, FL — Many parents find it hard to help their toddlers make that switch from diapers to potties. Confused about when to start or how to go about the whole process and the criticism they are likely to face should their toddlers not make the switch in time. Many parents wish their toddler care could help out with their kid’s potty training. A Childcare center in Florida, Kids Campus Childcare is helping parents out by offering programs that can assist their toddlers with potty training.

Kids Campus Childcare introduced the Little Dippers Two’s program to help parents potty train their toddlers. The teachers in the two year old program use the latest techniques to help students reach this important child development milestone. With many years of experience in helping toddlers make the switch, teachers at Kids campus Care can easily watch out for signs of readiness in toddlers and train them to verbally express the need to use the potty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcpjqVSyhrc

Apart from potty training, toddlers at Kids Campus Childcare are allowed to love and explore their surroundings and enjoy the experience of learning. The childcare center utilizes the “Creative curriculum” which is one of the best teaching programs in the country. The curriculum allows teachers to adjust their lesson plans to meet the needs of their class on a weekly basis.

“At Kids Campus Childcare we believe that all children do not learn the same way, and the Creative Curriculum helps teachers create learning plans that meets each child’s need,” said Elaine Clifford, owner of Kids Campus Childcare. “We encourage our toddlers to explore and work to strengthen the toddler’s independence with our programs.”

Parents are also not left out in the teaching process at kids Campus Childcare. Parents will receive daily report on their child’s social and emotional growth and can also help teachers plan their lessons to suit the needs of their toddlers. The school also operates an open door policy which allows parents to come in and visit their children during the day so they can see them learning. Kids Campus Childcare is open Monday to Fridays from the hours of 6:00am — 7:00pm.

About Kids Campus Childcare

Founded by Elaine Clifford, PhD to fill the void in preschool and early childhood education in her community, Kids Campus Child Care is a loving and warm home away from home for its students. Through loving and hands-on nurturing in an open environment, Kids Campus Child Care brings out a child’s natural curiosity and works on developing a life-long love of learning. Each child receives individual attention, and staffs work hard at bringing out their individual strengths.

For more information about Kids Campus Childcare please call 321-633-1341 or visit http://kids-campuschildcare.com/

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