Celluprovâ„¢ is a new treatment for cellulite utilizing multi active ingredient Provislimâ„¢. A sophisticated formula comprised of a unique blend of extremely pure natural ingredients, Celluprovâ„¢ is designed to absorb into the skin more effectively to deliver key component Provislimâ„¢ to affected area. Unlike other treatments, Provislimâ„¢ works to help reduce localized fat and cellulite 24 hours a day, acting under any circumstances. Provislimâ„¢ improves skin elasticity and reshapes your silhouette while decreasing skin roughness, edema, skin thickness and volume.

Cellulite is a common problem with more than 80 percent of the female population suffering from it at some point, however most people will not admit to it and cover it up due to the embarrassing stigma attached. There are various degrees of cellulite that can affect thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and other troublesome areas. The cause of cellulite is a topic of debate, however some people have attributed it to genetic inheritance, hormonal imbalances, sedentary lifestyles, and improper diet.  People will generally try everything to resolve their cellulite, including invasive procedures, massage, radiotherapy, and even a number of questionable home remedies, though these options rarely perform as well as we hope. If they do, the result is often temporary, as is the case with many of the various treatments available on the market overpromising great results.

Some people hope that Cellulite will go away overtime with adjustments to their diet and exercise routine, which often is the case.  Sometimes, even the most fit and healthy individuals still suffer from cellulite though.

Celluprovâ„¢, however, was created with the sufferer in mind. Active ingredient Provislimâ„¢ is designed to diminish fat deposits in all circumstances whether it be during exercise, at rest, or after eating.  Provislim inhibits triglycerides formation after food intake and differentiation to mature adipocytes as a global preventive effect.

One of the main advantages is its ability to help improve skin elasticity, reduce roughness and decrease skin thickness, where other treatments far too often fall short. Celluprovâ„¢ feels their treatment is among the most effective on the market and the only one that delivers results at a great value.

"We've created a brand that really helps visibly reduce the signs of cellulite, which is exactly what the market has been waiting for. People have had enough of trying everything under the sun only to be met with failure. Our treatment is effective and though we're expecting some skepticism, we know that once people try it, the results will be incontestable," says Celluprovâ„¢ founder.

Celluprovâ„¢ has been created with the end-user in mind, meaning that it delivers on its promises, namely to visibly reduce your signs of cellulite effectively.

For more information or to purchase Celluprovâ„¢ please visit http://www.celluprov.com