UK - Many brides want to know how they would look nice for wearing the prom dresses . The new bride in the wedding day should be the most beautiful one but they also need to use the beautiful wedding dresses and jewelry to set off. So, the initially selection for the suitable wedding dress should be the most step. Actually, this is not at all difficult. The key factor is that each bride needs to be aware of their body figure so that they can easily choose the perfect choice for their wedding dresses. Now, the famous online store for new wedding dresses and prom dresses will introduce with people basically factors about how to select the most suitable wedding dresses.

For the new bride who is tall and slender, they could of course eliminates a lot of concerns as this body figure could let them try any type of prom dresses 2014 especially the fishtail wedding dresses that should be better perform the slender body figure.

In contrast with the tall and thin body figure, some of new bride also own the fat body shape. For them, the choice of the wedding dresses needs to avoid complicated design and patterns. The preferably selection should be the dresses with the straight line cut with exactly lace design that could make them look more slender. In terms of the rotator cuff, the suitable type should be the low collar style with the simple visual effects. However, the complicated decoration will add to the visual effects, resulting in too cumbersome feeling.

Brides who have the fleshy belly and large waist should have enough concern about how to choose the suitable wedding dress. However, they do not need to worry about this. By the instruction of the editor from, the brides who have this sort of body figure could choose the wedding dresses with the inverted triangle line design. Also, they should try the dresses with the high-waisted design.

For brides whose upper body is fullness, they should take the choice of wedding dresses with simple and elegance cutting design. On the contrary, the too complicated design will let the fat upper body brides become very strong.

For girls whose arm is too rough, they could choose the handmade wedding dresses with the completely set of shawl design or they could also select one set of shawl design to cover the arms . This method could effectively help bride solve the flaw of brides¡¯ too fat arm.

For new bride who want to choose the most suitable handmade wedding dresses, all of these factors above could help them totally solve the awkward body figure situation.

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