Selling a house in the New Braunfels and Seguin area can take a long time and be a lot of hassle, especially if you go through the regular channels. But now Amy Buys Houses Fast, a New Braunfels Real Estate Company, is promising to change all of this by selling your house fast, regardless of condition.

The company sees itself as filling a niche in the market, allowing sellers who are desperate to move into their new house to do so quickly. The company says that it can help make the process of selling a home a breeze, and they emphasize how easy the process can be with the right guidance. Amy Buys Houses Fast has significant experience in the business and claims that “there probably isn’t a situation [they] haven’t seen,” meaning that no matter what your reasons for selling, they are in a position to help.

How It Works

Amy Buys Any House follows a simple three step formula for every house they help their customers sell. All clients have to do is fill out a form on the website - including their address, the city in which their property is located, and their zip code - and click send. Then the information on the form is reviewed by an agent at Amy's. The agent will then call back to arrange a suitable time and date to see the house in person. Finally, once the house has been inspected, and any necessary repair work identified, customers receive an offer.

If customers like the offer, the next stage is to fill out a contract and approach a local title company, where the deal is closed, and customers get their money.

Selling A House

The benefit of using a company like Amy Buys Any House is the fact that customers don’t need to spend hours preparing their homes to close a sale with potential buyers. Nor do they have to spend lots of money on expensive agents fees to get their homes listed. Instead, homes can be sold as they are, no matter how messy they might be or what repair work needs to be carried out. The service, therefore, is ideally suited to people who can’t afford to carry out home repairs before they sell, can’t afford expensive agent fees, have inherited their house and have no use for it or who no longer want to be a landlord. The company advertises the fact that many of its customers manage to sell their houses in as little as one week.

What Customers Say

Amy Buys Any House is not a national chain. Instead, customers get to work closely with the company on all aspects of selling a home, from start to finish. One customer reported how the firm bought their old house “without hassle,” paying for it in full with cash without requesting any modifications. The same client said that they “could not be happier” and that they recommended the service to one of their friends.

You can get a quick cash offer on your house through the contact form on the company’s website.

Amy Woodall
Address: PO Box 311254, New Braunfels, TX 78130
Telephone: 830-299-3856
Email: [email protected]