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Columbus, Ohio — February, 19, 2013 — After a journey spanning three decades trapped in an abusive lifestyle that ultimately destroyed his marriage and family relationships, author Austin James offers a fresh, transparent look into the tormented mind of an abuser in his book, Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of Marriage — A 30-Year Abuser Speaks Out. 

The book chronicles Austin’s journey out of the abusive lifestyle he led for 30 years, and what he learned along the way. Austin states, “I hope by sharing my mindset and experiences as a former abuser, other people will see glimpses of their own abusive relationship and perhaps find a path that leads them to freedom. The book benefits the abuser as well as the victim of abuse.” 

Some of the topics Austin covers are what steps he took to break free from abuse, the role childhood plays, signs and symptoms of emotional abuse, how a too-close relationship with mom can affect the husband, and how to know if your abusive mate is changing. James allows the reader to peer inside his damaged mind and get answers to the manipulation, control and angry behavioral questions they may have, including the question most victims of domestic violence want to know — Why? 

About the Author 

Abuse was the enemy that plagued Austin James for over two-thirds of his life, but through great sorrow, the ability came to him to transform himself from the ashes of defeat to a type of cleansing and healing that not only renewed his spirit, but allowed it to soar to new heights. 

Austin currently lives in Ohio and enjoys a quiet, abuse-free life, helping men and women discover the truth about emotional abuse and ways to overcome it. He enjoys, hiking, backpacking, writing, photography, and for the first time in his life, inner-peace. 

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