16th December 2013: Being the perfect mother of the bride isn’t easy. In fact, there are days when it can seem absolutely impossible. Up until now there has been very little advice available to the mother of the bride. The main focus and advice is mainly given to the daughter as her special day approaches. While this is understandable, without her mother, the bride’s day wouldn’t run quite so smoothly. 

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Helen Greer was inspired to write 50 Pearls of Wisdom after her own mother of the bride experiences. She recalls: 

“There were times when I felt so frustrated because I just didn’t know what was expected of me. I researched online and found very little information available. It was a stressful time and it made me want to share my newfound knowledge so other women wouldn’t find it as draining as I did.” 

The book focuses on everything from choosing the right outfit to dealing with daughter melt downs and socialising with the in-laws. Separated into small snippets, it’s easy to flick through and find tips as and when you need them. The last thing you want when you’re stressed is to read through long paragraphs until you find the information you need. This book is designed to be a helpful guide you can call upon whenever you get stuck. 

If you’re looking to be the perfect mother of the bride, 50 Pearls of Wisdom can help. No longer will you be left wondering what is expected of you or how you should handle a certain situation. The book contains real advice from somebody who has been there and who has gained insider knowledge on what is expected of you. It’s a book that every mother of the bride should own.