Bellevue, Wa  April 13, 2015
Job shadowing programs can offer a unique first-hand insight into the day-to-day realities of almost any variety of work imaginable. As such, they are an invaluable experience for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the career they wish to embark on, as well as for anyone of any age who is considering a change of career. However, as a new book explains, there are steps people can take to ensure their experience of job shadowing yields the maximum possible benefit.

In the book Job Shadowing: Techniques to Get Maximum Impact from the Experience, author Kyle Richards explains the value of job shadowing and offers tips on finding a suitable job shadowing experience. The book also includes tips on doing the groundwork that can help people get the most out of their job shadowing opportunity, as well as anecdotes and in-depth information on specific industries in which job shadowing can be an important stepping stone to a fulfilling long-term career. Industries under the spotlight include nursing, law enforcement, journalism, physical therapy and education.

The book highlights the importance of taking a proactive approach, both in terms of seeking acceptance onto a suitable job shadowing program and in terms of going into the experience with the right preparation and attitude.  An important aspect of this involves giving careful thought to exactly how the experience should benefit the individual. The book offers useful tips on preparing for the shadowing experience, including useful questions to ask and how to follow up the experience.

Pacific Northwest-based author, Kyle Richards, has previously written on an extensive range of topics from health issues to food preparation. He considers job shadowing to be one of the most powerful and effective career exploration tools available, as it can give realistic insight into a future career path, or, in some cases, help people avoid wasting more time than necessary on the wrong path. He says: “The purpose of job shadowing is to learn as much as possible about a particular career so you know if it is something you can see yourself doing in the future. By fully embracing the job shadowing experience—by preparing for it beforehand and paying careful attention in the workplace—you can gain real insights that will be invaluable as you move towards your future career or help you to realize, sooner rather than later, if that career path isn’t the right one for you.”  For more information, please visit

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