Toronto, Canada, January 25, 2010 - Alen Majer, internationally sought-after speaker and sales consultant, tells in his new book how to get thrill out of selling, and why selling is better than sex. The book, targeting sales people and business owners, shows how to transfer the sex energy into sales enthusiasm to improve your career and life, and gives more than 200 reasons why selling is even better than sex.

The book was released by The Science and Art of Selling and is available through

Over the years, sex has been compared to many different things - but the act of selling isn‘t one that readily comes to mind. The book teaches the science and art of selling in a very humorous and hilarious manner, covering almost every aspect of the discipline of selling, be it prospecting, customer retention, customer services, going the extra mile, follow ups, closing techniques and prioritization.

“One may suspect that Majer‘s topic of choice would open the door to raunchy, lewd references or toilet humor, but he presents his case in quite the compelling - and tasteful - fashion, in so doing providing the reader with a refreshing, original take on how to achieve greater success in the business world.” - Apex Reviews

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About the Author

Alen Majer is an internationally sought-after speaker and consultant. He is the author of three other sales titles, including “Trigger Events How to Find your Next Customer”. Discover more about Alen on his blog at