Who would not want to live in the paradise-like islands of Hawaii? Start building your new home in this state and witness extraordinary sunset for the rest of your life with the help of Lai Construction. Founded by Sean Lai, whose life is dedicated to living in Hawaii, the company is more than happy to help people build the house of their dreams. 

Nestling in The Big Island could be the best way to enjoy the high quality of life that Hawaii can offer to families, vacationers and travelers. It could be a home to anybody who desires to spend a lifetime away from the hustles and bustles of city life, eccentric lifestyles, atrocities, and so on.

Lai is so thoughtful of their potential clients that they have provided them a number of packages to choose from. You can choose from any models to which you can pattern your home after such as follows:

- Mauna Kea Model
- Kilauea Model
- Hualalai Model
- Hapuna Model
- Kalapana Model
- Mauna Loa Model
- Koolau Model

Most of these models have over 1,000 square feet in its total dimension. Mauna Kea is the largest with 1,600 square feet, with a country style design where there rooms could fit, including a family dining area, living room, walk-in closet, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, storage, a couple of terraces and a garage that can accommodate two cars. You can have a typical luxurious lifestyle in an island but Lai Construction services can make a huge difference in making your place very special. The company has employed a team of experienced and skilled carpenters, electricians, masons, painters, excavators, roofers, etc. to give you the best workmanship possible. 

Building custom built home for your needs is the primary motivation that Lai Construction uses in drafting the floor plans you desire. They do projects from small cottages to grandeur custom homes. 

For more details, please see http://laiconstructionbigisland.com/

Company Profile:
Lai Construction
PO Box 7238
Hilo HI 96720
Email: [email protected]