APTOS, CALIFORNIA, February 19, 2016—In new bestseller, Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra, readers meet Charlotte (Charlie) Sweeney, a successful Silicon Valley consultant who decides, on a whim to take a photographic solo journey to Havana, Cuba in the late 1990s.

Grieving her younger sister's suicide, she leaves her boyfriend, Doug for the Christmas holidays, en route to Havana via Cancun, Mexico. Just about to board the airplane in San Francisco, Charlie literally collides with the attractive and mysterious Cuban, Enrique Ruiz who is more than happy to make her acquaintance. Without warning and on the brink of falling in love with this stranger, Charlie becomes embroiled in an underground world of crime and danger.

What happens in Havana stays in Havana! Readers are in store for a roller coaster ride where Charlie will make a decision that will transform her life. Get ready for romance, a little magic and illegal underground shenanigans!

Linda S. Gunther resides in Aptos, CA. After growing up in New York City and then attending Columbia University graduate school in Counseling Psychology, Linda was given the opportunity to spend a summer in London, England. Linda decided to take a giant leap and start a new life in the UK; married an Englishman, gave birth to her son, attended graduate school in psychotherapy and became a teacher.

After six years, Linda returned to California and began her career in Human Resources; also completing a MBA. Linda has held key leadership positions in several great Silicon Valley companies.

Also an actress, she has performed in numerous theatre productions. Linda studied with the British American Drama Academy and Yale School of Drama at Oxford University. Linda’s passion for travel and learning fuels her fire to create vivid fictional characters and unforgettable story lines.

Linda S. Gunther is available for interviews.

Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra ~ A Woman’s Romantic Adventure in Havana, Cuba is available on Amazon.com.
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