5 Million Year Old Ancestors’ Presence Still Felt Today!

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, February 8, 2016 — Most people do not know what they really want for themselves. And if they do know their heart’s desire, they don’t know how to go about acquiring it. In new bestseller, The New Nomads and All 7 Tools of Changes, C. P. Seibt shows how a person can easily learn how one’s life can instantly be better than ever by using these 7 Tools of Change.

This practical, transformative and useful book is a generous toolbox that provides instant help. Seibt refuses the usual hints and takes the reader on a short but amazing expedition. For 5 million years, from the time our first ancestors walked upright as nomads, until the present, man has created the tools for every change. Now, in a globalized, electronic era, humankind is once again on the move — as the New Nomads.

Through his extensive travels, Seibt discovered all over the world the legacy of man’s successful ancestors and their simple but highly effective tools. Seibt tells us exactly how to use them. They work immediately — not only for handling change in our own lives, but also in markets, businesses and careers.

No, all will not be as it was before. Never again. But for the readers, it can be even better than ever - if they want to live easier, better and happily than ever — their own unique life.

C.P. Seibt is an artist with diverse experience in many amazing projects. He has lived and worked in various cultures and is currently on the island of Paros, Greece. His workshops, coaching and mentoring services are rare, stupendously useful, in high demand; helping, motivating, and inspiring people on how to live the way they desire. His work as a painter is intensely unique. He is the founder of the Nomadic Academy.

Among his published works are Stoics for Managers, Management and Machiavelli, The Artist?Artist! Papers and many columns.

C. P. Seibt is available for interviews.

The New Nomads and All 7 Tools of Change is available on Amazon.com.

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