CARMEL, CALIFORNIA, May 13, 2016 — With 7 billion people in the world, less that 5% - possibly as low as .5% - know their purpose in life.

In the new bestseller, What’s My Purpose? A Journey OF Personal and Professional Growth, Jim White, Ph.D. guides people through a simple step-by-step method on how a person’s life experiences hold the key to unveiling their purpose. Dr. White also identifies the 5 masks that prevent people from living their purpose. He reveals the new truths one can discover when they are grounded by purpose.

Mission, vision, vocation, calling, bliss, meaning, passion, these are some of the words that convey the human need to identify and express purpose. Ultimately, finding one’s purpose is a spiritual quest. It represents a person’s ability to connect with something greater than them.

Every once in a while a person will meet people who are inspired by their life and work. These people are totally alive, enthusiastic and appear to care genuinely about what they are doing and the people they serve. When meeting such a person, one realizes their work is consistent with their purpose. Purposeful people know why they are here and how they will make a difference in the world. This clarity makes them stand out from among the masses.

Every person in the world only has one shot to live life to the fullest and each person deserves to live their life ON PURPOSE!

“Wonderful! Jim has created a very simple, step-by-step guide to help people discover the tremendous treasure within us all — PURPOSE! What's My Purpose? is not just another good read but is simultaneously a very pragmatic and inspiring approach to life. I highly recommend it.” ~ Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust

“Truly a work of art. What’s My Purpose? is simple but profound and a must for anyone in search for what’s next in their lives.” ~ Rick Frishman, President, Planned Television Arts and co-author of AUTHOR 101 series of books.

Jim White, Ph.D. is the CEO and Founder of What's My Purpose? Life Mastery Course. Jim works with organizations and individuals worldwide, helping them define and implement excellence. CEOs, managers, and entire departments and companies have shown vast improvements through a wide range of customized services that enhance management effectiveness, productivity, and quality of professional relationships offered by Jim’s organization, JL White International, Inc., based in Monterey, California.

Jim White Ph.D. is available for interviews.

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