LOS ANGELES, CA, October 28, 2015—In author Kara Deringer’s new bestseller, Chill: Creating Happiness in Life and Love readers discover how to end the pretending game that an okay life is good enough. It’s about getting out of our bubbles and believing that life is all about us. It’s about waking up to recognize that true happiness and love emerges out of contributing to the world around us. It’s about recognizing that creating an extraordinary life is entirely possible and absolutely probable with belief, intention, and action.

This book is about making a difference in the reader’s life. The author does not intend to inspire because inspiration just makes people feel good and tingly inside for a short period of time. The author does not intend to inform, because information isn’t really what makes the difference—readers already know a lot about what theoretically creates happiness. The author does intend to incite action. Action is what creates movement and results, which creates a shift. Being inspired and learning more doesn’t make a real difference without action.

Chill is about being more and doing more, with more peace of mind. It isn’t about encouraging readers to take time to sip mint juleps, walk aimlessly through the park, or get manicures and pedicures. It’s about creating happiness and love in life so that they can then contribute to creating happiness and love in others’ lives. Chill is about being a present, powerful, and passionate woman. Chill is about embracing the beauty of being calm, healthy, green (environmentally conscious), generous, and productive.
Deringer told the press, “If you’ve pick up this book, you are open to creating more happiness in life and love. So let’s get going and get into action!”

“Chill is an intelligent, vulnerable and thought-provoking inquiry on how to give up taking things too personally in life. A book to surely enhance you journey.”
~Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY® Winner, Project Forgive Founder

As an author, coach, and trainer, Kara Deringer has a passion and commitment to support people in creating peace in their lives. With her Master’s degree in Conflict Management, Kara mediates, facilitates, and coaches. She has worked in the public, private, and non-profit sectors—and in organizational, community, court, and family situations. She designs and instructs courses at the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and Concordia University College of Alberta.

Kara is a part of the Evolutionary Business Council community and founder of both the People for People Conference and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Edmonton, Alberta.

She lives in Edmonton with her family and enjoys the outdoors, yoga, and a good glass of wine.
Deringer is available for interviews.

Chill: Creating Happiness in Life and Love is available on Amazon.com.

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