DALLAS, TEXAS, March 16, 2017 — Defiled by Mike Nemeth is a domestic noir thriller, a category made popular by Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. This story revolves around Randle and Carrie Marks who get caught up in the legal system and find that it will not deliver what either of them consider to be a fair resolution. Disinhibited Randle and exploitative Carrie refuse to cooperate with the authorities and they do battle outside the law. That drags Carrie’s capricious twin sister, Connie, into the fray and their civil case escalates into a twisted tale of treachery, betrayal, miscalculations and ill-conceived murder plots.  Everyone has a self-serving story to tell but the question is, Who will the jury believe?

Defiled combines flawed statues, fallible judges, cutthroat lawyers, a power-hungry prosecutor, self-righteous cops, unreliable witnesses, a revengeful plaintiff and a desperate defendant into a case that cannot be resolved in a courtroom.

Defiled exposes the flaws in the civil and criminal justice systems: no one is incented to find the truth; the plaintiff and defendant are pawns in a game that lawyers play to win at all costs; and, no one is held accountable for the results. The justice system is about crafting a story to sell to the jury and the best salesman wins. Unless the defendant can outwit the powerful forces he faces!

Mike Nemeth is a retired businessman living with his wife, Angie, and his rescue dog, Sophie, in the Atlanta suburbs. His previous publications include Cinderella’s Slipper, a non-fiction book about the use of computer algorithms to rank college football teams, and The Missing Ingredient, an article published in The New York Times that explained why college football rankings are always wrong. Defiled is Mike’s debut novel.

Mike Nemeth is available for interviews.

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