Kansas, USA; 04, June 2015: Basketball is one of America’s most favourite sports.

Atomic Sports is proud to announce the release of a new website geared toward supplying high quality basketball hoops for home use. At www.adjustablebasketballgoals.com you will find a broad range of adjustable basketball goals as well as fixed height basketball goals to choose from.

This website features Ironclad Sports basketball systems. Ironclad goals are tough and trusted.

At the site you will find pole sizes that range from 5” square up to 8” square. A variety of backboards are available to choose from as well. We offer 36”x54,” 36”x60”, 42”x60” and 42”x72” sizes. Our Triple Threat, FullCourt and Highlight Hoops goals all feature super thick ½” thick glass same as used in high school, college and NBA.

All goals feature our easy to install bolt-down post design. This allows you to easily level the post during installation or loosen bolts to remove post if you sell your house.

All units also include a heavy duty breakaway rim and net. For added safety, post pad and backboard pad are included FREE!

Free Shipping in the Continental USA and No Sales Tax for purchases outside Kansas.

Ironclad basketball goals also feature WeatherShield undercoat for an extra measure of rust protection underneath the paint.

The adjustable goals are extremely easy to move up and down due to the spring assist design. Turn the crank handle to adjust goal height anywhere from 10’ down to 5’.

Ironclad basketball goals are extremely durable and carry a lifetime warranty against damage caused by basketball activity. With Ironclad most goals warranty includes hanging on the rim.

You can expect your order to be processed and shipped quickly, usually within 24 hrs. For more information visit www.adjustablebasketballgoals.com

Atomic are a family owned business located in Heston, Kansas. They started in 1987 by providing sports uniforms to local schools and organisations. As the business expanded into a national enterprise demand from customers also grew to encompass sports equipment. Atomic therefore made the natural step to add the sale of equipment for basketball, volleyball, and soccer, primarily through the First Team brand. When Ironclad was founded in 2011, Atomic was among the first in line to offer that selection of well-made, high-value goals. The Ironclad brand is featured at adjustablebasketballgoals.com.

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