New Book Outlines Plan for Building a Freelance Writing Business and Getting Clients

Hazel Green, AL - United States - Monday, May 18, 2015 — Archangel Ink announced the debut of author Susan Anderson’s "You Write, They Pay - How to Build a Thriving Writing Business from Nothing", a step-by-step book about how to start a freelance writing business now available in print on Amazon and for digital download on Kindle here:

In the digital marketing age, businesses of every size compete for the attention of their ideal customers. Content marketing is one especially effective way to attract and engage likely buyers, as businesses can publish content online to educate prospects, answer common questions, and build the kind of connection most likely to lead to customer loyalty. The challenge for these businesses is getting this sort of content written; business owners who have tried to write marketing materials for their own businesses quickly realize how difficult this task can be. While some large corporations have in-house content marketing writers, many companies of all sizes prefer to outsource this content creation to freelance writers.

"People have been asking whether freelance writing is still a great business to start, or if it's become a saturated market. I'm excited to say the demand for good content has never been higher - and even more, to be able to offer this guide for getting started as a freelance writer," said Anderson. "This new book is getting great reviews from freelance writers and people exploring this career option. It's a thrill to read stories of writers putting what they learn to use immediately and getting wonderful results."

Loaded with tips and anecdotes from Anderson’s first decade in the freelance writing business, “You Write, They Pay” aims to provide the sort of step-by-step guidance that flattens a new freelance writer’s learning curve, including:

Understand exactly what kind of content business clients want to buy
Learn what sort of businesses hire freelance writers
Discover how to find writing clients in three hot markets
Figure out how to set prices for freelance writing services
All the nuts and bolts of getting the business started

An experienced freelance writer, owner of the content creation firm Triumph Communications, and a trainer and presenter on the topic of building a thriving freelance writing business, Anderson is uniquely qualified to help writers take their first steps in their new business.

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