Quarry Bay, Hong Kong; 17, July 2015: North Reports, Ltd. introduces its array of investment tools following the company’s recent launch late June 2015. According to the Hong Kong-based firm, the company is fully committed to eliminate “grey areas” in client portfolios by offering client-centric solutionswhich contain real-time investment information, market insights, reports and analysis, and other tools of the trade which are aimed at providing potential investors with more information which may help them to make informed investment decisions.

North Reports has outlined its six areas of services to the investing community —tutorials, insights, reports, analysis, charts and strategy.

In a recent interview, founder David Leong was quoted as saying “The company tutorial service is offered to avoid financial losses on client side due to misguided use of the company’s investment tools. In addition, the product tutorial covers the basic fundamentals up to the advanced reading of chart analysis, entry and exit points and criteria-based investment which would empower the subscriber to better manage their investment portfolio”.

The market insights features North Reports’ vision of extensive research for each firm who were seen as qualified by the companyto fit into potential investment portfolio. Moreover, the company has prided itself of providing these time sensitive insights which it viewsas vital in ensuringeach portfolio item fulfills the investment criteria, which was laid down accordingly by the North Reports management team. Also, the company aims that this service offering will generate profitable returns to investors if they take advantage of theshort and long term investments,as well as key ventures in which North Reports incorporated into this offering. “It worked for us for years. It can now work for you too,” North Reports quoted.

The real-time investment report offering is another part of the fundamental portfolio addition criteria according to the Asian advisory firm, stating “Timing of entry and exit is what makes the difference between profits or losses.” The company believes that in-depth research coupled with time sensitive reporting guarantees each subscriber has the most up-to date information to follow leads in portfolio entry and exit points. In addition,North Reports’ Chief Technical Analyst Yashuhiro Okada stated, “The firm ensures that each portfolio item is responding as planned, to give assistance into getting out of bad investments if needed, and to recommend contingency plans, enabling the investor to be one step ahead at all times.”

North Reports also announced the availability of the analysis and portfolio indicators service in its subscription packages. As per the company,this service offeringwould allow its users to useNorth Reports’ in-depth company profile summaries, stock predictions and scientific methodologies. Alternatively, the chart reading methodologiesare available to the investors’ portfolio selections, which the firm claims to include targeted charts, advanced patterns, and scientific decisions.

Finally, North Reports’ presented also its strategy service offering in which the company claimsinvestment professionalsshould use with hopes to see the bigger picture. The firm also added that this feature uses North Reports’ investment tools collectively to offer a game plan that it reckons wouldminimize risk and maximize profits for investors and reduce time spent. “We have you covered!” the company quoted.

North Reports, Ltd. is an investment advisory company headed by a team of institutional investors based out of Hong Kong, offering the benefit of company reports, an array of tutorials, market insights and in-depth charts and strategic guides to the financial community.

For more information, please visit: https://northreports.com

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