There is a new 30% off Arvixe coupon for utilizing the services of Arvixe webhosting. Arvixe webhosting has a number of different webhosting plans designed to meet the needs of their clients. Starting with as little as $4 per month, Arvixe has webhosting plans for individuals up to large businesses.

Founded in San Luis Obispo, California in 2003, Arvixe is now located in both Houston and Dallas, Texas. The separate data centers help insure against unforeseen power outages. Plus, both sites are equipped with backup generators to insure uninterrupted electricity. There are currently separate webhosting plans offered by Arvixe, Business Class and Personal Class. Personal Class is broken down into two tiers which are standard and pro services include the following;

- Unlimited disk space, subdomains, FTP accounts, monthly transfer and more
- Free domain for life, one click web builder
- HTML Editor, cPanel, Cloudflare, MIME types and more

The difference between Personal Class and Personal Class Pro is that the latter offers unlimited domains for $7 per month as opposed to the $4 per month for Personal Class. Business Class is broken down into two separate tiers as well which includes Pro and Non-Pro plans. Dedicated servers can be used starting at $105 for a single processor unit with multi-processor servers being available as well.

There are no hidden fees and Arvixe offers free instant set-up coupled with a full 60 day money back guarantee. For more information about Arvixe coupons , please go to Host Cabbie.

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