Easthampton MA, January 18, 2013 - Jim Hornickel, Director of Training & Development at Negotiations Training Institute, announced today that the workbook Negotiating Success, will soon be published as a specialty book on training in negotiation for use by the general public. “We are very excited about this opportunity to share the key content from our training in negotiations, states Mr. Hornickel”.   “Our training program, Negotiating Successâ„¢, which is the basis for this textbook has proven extremely popular and we are pleased to share our best practices with a broader group of professionals through this hardcover text”, he adds. 

The textbook will augment information that is learned in our face to face training in negotiation.  “We hope that the text will become a must-read for all new professionals entering the workplace”, states Mr. Hornickel. He adds that training in negotiation can enrich everyone’s life. “Negotiations training is not just for a few specialized negotiators”, Jim said. “Every professional is in a give and take position and participating in training in negotiations is a must for success in all fields.”

When asked about the reasons to take training in negotiation, Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at the Negotiations Training Institute, highlighted several unique features of the Institute’s training programs.  “Most training in negotiation shows the common steps in a negotiation. That is a good start. But what most training in negotiation programs lack is a focus on complex aspects of humanistic psychology. Training in negotiation is simply incomplete unless the course includes study of the human interaction factor.”

Jim Hornickel spoke of the many positive testimonials that stem from their training in negotiation. “Organizations rave about our training in negotiation because they gain brand new insights into how to approach negotiations with a mind to mutuality or win-win interactions. Most client organizations also appreciate our training in negotiation as it includes six principles of influence and their use in successful negotiations.”

The Negotiations Training Institute offersone or two day training in negotiation sessions. Each negotiations training course can also be combined with other subject offerings of the parent company, Bold New Directions. For example, an entry level training in negotiation session can be complemented by a Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ or Management Successâ„¢ program. And no leadership class is complete without a substantial training in negotiation module.

To learn more about our anticipated book entitled Negotiating Success, or to organize a training in negotiation, please contact us at our website http://www.negotiationstraininginstitute.com/ or via our toll free number at 1-800-501-1245.

About Negotiations Training Institute

Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions, and its divisionNegotiationsTraining Institute, involves participants in experiential training in negotiation courses that transform the way participants perform at work. The Negotiations Training Institute provides training in negotiation to a diverse client base which consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.  

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For More Information about Negotiation Training Institute or training in negotiations please contact: Jim Hornickel, Director of Training & Development at [email protected] or at http://www.negotiationstraininginstitute.com/ or 1-800-501-1245