Easthampton MA, February 24 , 2013 - "Based on customer feedback, we have recently expanded our core negotiation training program, Negotiating Success, to add a negotiations course specifically for managers” announced Jim Hornickel, Director of Training at Negotiations Training Institute.

The reasons for a specific negotiations course for managers are three fold; the negotiations training program strengthens a critical skill, ensures a solid ROI, and gets positive reviews from managers.

Managers are in the middle of all the activity so training in negotiation is a critical ingredient to their success. According to Jim Hornickel, negotiation training is a skill area that can transform overall performance. "Managers negotiate constantly but few have formal training in negotiation” Mr. Hornickel continued. “Negotiating training often takes place haphazardly and few managers have actually been through a professional negotiations course like that offered through the Negotiations Training Institute.” By focusing on the development of the critical skill area through training in negotiations you strengthen overall performance.

Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Negotiations Training Institute, told us that “while all professionals benefit from training in negotiation, managers impact so many people that a true negotiation training program will have a very positive ROI.” The hard and soft skills in the negotiations training course offered by Negotiations Training Institute can be applied with staff, upper management, vendors and customers alike.“When you think about it”, she adds, “training in negotiation at the management level has the potential to ripple throughout the organization leading to better negotiation outcomes at all levels.” The return on investment from organizing an onsite negotiations course at your company is tremendous.

Managers who have participated in a negotiations training course echo the value of the overall training experience. Moreover, participants in the negotiation training program offered through Negotiation Training Institute share positive reviews about the experience. “I have seen how the negotiation training program has positively affected participants” says Kristen Rossi, Communications Liaison at Negotiation Training Institute. “I review the evaluations after the negotiations course and the positive reviews are fantastic. I think negotiation training via the Negotiations Training Institute’s negotiations course is a must for managers’ professional development.”

It turns out that training in negotiation is not just for new managers. In short, the value of negotiation training is experienced by managers no matter the duration of their career. “Whether you are a seasoned manager or a new manager, negotiation training via our negotiations course for managers will increase your skills” emphasized Mr. Hornickel. The negotiation training program delivered by Negotiation Training Institute focuses on win-win strategies like no other training in negotiation you will find” adds Jim Hornickel. “As the course designer, Mr. Hornickel has an extensive background in both management training and negotiation training. His deep knowledge of training in negotiation ensures that the negotiations course has the perfect blend of theory, practice and hands-on applications for managers. “This negotiation training is well worth the time and money spent attending” adds Suzanne Guthrie.

“In summary, we are pleased to announce this new offering of negotiation training for managers” confirms Ms. Guthrie. The negotiations course strengthens a critical skill, ensures a solid ROI, and gets positive reviews. “All in all this new negotiations course for managers is a positive addition to our training offerings at Negotiation Training Institute”, she concludes.

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