Easthampton MA, December 3, 2013 — Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning Solutions at Negotiations Training Institute, announced today that the newly published book Negotiating Success, is now available at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Amazon. “We are thrilled about this negotiation skills training book getting into the public domain. It is a great opportunity to share the key content from our negotiation skills training course, states Ms. Guthrie”. “Our negotiation skills training program by the same name, Negotiating Success, has proven extremely popular. We take pride in being able to share knowledge, examples & best practices from our negotiation training course with more professionals through this hardcover text”, she adds.

The Negotiating Success textbook details key negotiation skills previously available only in our onsite negotiation skills training course.“We envision that the new negotiation skills training book will become a must-read for all new professionals who negotiate at work”, states Mr. Hornickel, Director of Training & Development at the Negotiations Training Institute. He adds that negotiation training, via classroom or book format, builds valuable workplace skills for all professionals. “Negotiation skills training is not just for leadership positions” according to Mr. Hornickel. “Every professional should take advantage of negotiation skills training to improve their performance at work and to ensure that they are bringing value to their workplace” he asserts.

When asked about the initial response to the Negotiating Success book, Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at the Negotiations Training Institute, highlighted the many positive reviews from professionals across North America. “The response to this new reference in the negotiation skills training world has been extremely positive. We released early copies of the book to key professionals in the negotiation skills training arena, and outside of the industry, to gain their feedback to the book. Their positive comments reflect the extraordinary mix of negotiation skills training content with key examples for everyday application, contained in the new book”.

Kristin Ross, Communications Consultant at the Negotiations Training Institute, reinforces the value of the negotiation skills training book by emphasizing several unique features of the text. “Most books on negotiation skills outline the common steps in a negotiation. That is a good start out. But what most negotiation skills books overlook is the interplay of complex aspects of human psychology. Like any negotiations skills training, a negotiation skills book is incomplete without an emphasis on how human interaction factors into the negotiation process.”

Jim Hornickel spoke of the many positive testimonials about the negotiation skills training manual. “We now use this negotiation skills book in all our negotiation skills training sessions. Organizations rave about our negotiation skills training book especially how it helps course participants create mutually positive negotiation outcomes”.

Another key feature of the Negotiating Success book is the inclusion of a section on six principles of influence and their use in successful negotiations. Suzanne Guthrie comments that “Many professionals use the word Influence but don’t really know how to ramp up their influence especially in a negotiation. We marry the concepts of negotiation skills and influence skills in our negotiation skills training course and the Negotiation Success book. The result is a negotiation skills training manual that is head and shoulders above the standard textbook”.

The Negotiations Training Institute offers one or two day training in negotiation sessions. Each negotiations training course now includes a copy of the Negotiating Success book, a $25.0 value that can be read and reviewed in future sittings. To learn more about the new book on Negotiating Success, or to organize a negotiation skills training course, please contact us at our website http://www.negotiationstraininginstitute.com or via our toll free number at 1-800-501-1245.

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