A security guard card~ is a small, square, paper-like item that an individual need to have if he or she would like to work as a security guard. According to records, California is one among few states in the Union that issues guard cards to its security workers. All security guards should bear a guard card, but it is particularly important for armed security to have one.

Security guard jobs are jobs or careers that entail monitoring and protecting banks, national buildings, businesses, and other physical locations and landmarks. Even schools require security guards. Examples of security jobs are academic campus police, armored car guards and security officers. University campus police operate like local county or perhaps state police-except they work to aid students at a college or university.

University campus policemen make sure that college students are protected from harm as well as hazard of any kind. They are often seen parked outside of college dormitories and driving around university campuses at night to make sure that no crime occurs under their noses. Armored car guards are those that guarantee that valuables (such as money) arrive to proper locations without being stolen or taken from rightful owners.

Armored car guards are usually employed for work at sizable businesses such as banks and retail stores. Surveillance agents are a kind of security that patrol to make sure that funds are not stolen by gamblers, or that the administrators play by the standard rules of betting. Surveillance agents can be found in recording rooms, in which the events are recorded on video tape and stored. Their task would be to sustain the video tapes without allowing them to be stolen or taken. The tapes prove to be of great importance in situations where crime or illegality happens. Surveillance agents remain in observation rooms a whole lot, however they do get to patrol the scene every once in awhile.

Security officers are often present in retail stores. They are the policemen you see every once in awhile whenever you enter a store-whether a gas station, grocery store, or twenty-four-hour restaurant. They are those that are responsible to ensure that there is no theft occurring under the store manager's or owner's nose. Security officers usually testify in court about their presence at a theft, kidnapping, or crime-ridden event, and their testimony have served well in the convictions of thieves, kidnappers, as well as other criminals.

Security guards can get a security guard card on the web by completing training at certain colleges online so as to receive their guard card. In the state of California, for example, you must complete forty hours of security guard training and pass a training exam before you can get your guard card. To obtain your guard card and work as a security guard in Las Vegas, you should have a high school diploma or perhaps a GED (graduate education degree) certificate, possess a driver's license or state identification card, and then pursue eleven hours of security training. Security guard card renewal is offered by completing the Bureau of Security as well as Investigative Services Renewal application. The BSIS (Bureau of Security as well as Investigative Services) renewal application needs you to give information such as your first name, last name, and middle initial; date of birth as well as physical address; home phone number and employer name and address; and you also need to supply the type of registration you are renewing (fees vary based on the specific kind of renewal). If you do not complete the form in its entirety, the form will be given back to you at the address you provide on the form.

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