(Free Press Release) If you want to wow your guests at your next social or business event, look no further than Spitting Pig, the United Kingdom‘s leading hog roast caterer. A Hog Roast is a unique form of catering as well as entertainment and provides an experience that your guests will be talking about for months.

Far beyond the traditional catering experience that your guests might expect, hog roasts offer an aspect of entertainment that will take your event to the next level. The sight and smell of a local, juicy, farm-assured pig browning on a spit is both tantalizing and entertaining and adds the perfect touch to any event. Particularly with culinary consciousness shifting to support the “real food” movement, your guests will appreciate the novelty that a hog roast offers and having their food cooked before their eyes. And, as a customer-oriented company that started small, Spitting Pig brings a unique, friendly, yet professional atmosphere to any event.

With locations all over the UK, Spitting Pig can deliver hog roast machines and hog roast catering anywhere you need. All of their hog roast machines and equipment are state-of-the-art and adhere to industry and health code standards so you can be sure you‘re getting the best quality, safest hog roast experience.

Spitting Pig offers a variety of options when it comes to your personal hog roast. If you‘d prefer to sit back and enjoy your event without having to handle logistical issues, Spitting Pig can provide full cooking and catering services with state-of-the-art machines and materials. They‘ll also provide a trained cook to prepare your food. If you‘d prefer to be the one at the helm, just check out Spitting Pig‘s wide variety of hog roast and spit roast machines. Spitting Pig understands the importance of client satisfaction, so you can expect the highest quality hog roast machines at the lowest possible prices.

If you‘re looking for variety beyond just hog roasts, Spitting Pig also offers spit roasters that can be used to cook kebabs, vegetables, or nearly any other type of meat. Is barbecue more your style? No problem barbecues from Spitting Pig can be used to cook for up to 400 people at once. Spitting Pig understands the importance of having everything just right, so you can feel free to make changes to their pre-set menus so that every aspect of your event is exactly as you want it. Plus, since a hog roast can be held inside or outside, you can feel free to plan your event exactly how you‘d like it. No matter how large or how small the occasion, Spitting Pig can provide hog roast machines, spit roasters, and barbecues to meet your needs.

Delicious food fits at any gathering, so whether you‘re planning a business dinner, a bar or beer garden opening, a party with friends, or even a wedding, don‘t overlook the charm and convenience of a hog roast. With all the modern tools of the trade, plus the best quality farm-raised, local pigs, hog roasts dazzle at any event.

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Spitting Pig has a network of Hog Roast depots throughout the UK, good value for money and a name that says it all.


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