31, December 2014: The experts at top specialist wildlife tour company Naturetrek are delighted with the response to their latest holiday itineraries, to destinations all over the world. Their most recent brochure offers a huge array of wildlife holiday experiences to places as exotic as Brazil and the Republic of Congo, to name just two. The company’s diverse range of comprehensively organised tours is the hallmark of their continued success.

Naturetrek customers now also have the opportunity to sign up for tours of the Scandinavian wilderness, African safari parks, the unique habitats of Madagascar, and the Spanish mountains. David Mills, Managing Director of Naturetrek, says, “We see our brochure as a holiday ‘bible’ for any natural history fan, whatever their age, ability and aspirations. Birds, plants and mammals are inevitably the main focus of our trips, but we try to incorporate all other aspects of the natural world and to uncover the unique culture and allure of a destination, rather than simply to tick off wildlife checklists.”

Each of the specially organised nature tours holds a unique appeal. Those who sign up for the wildlife experience in Brazil can expect to encounter intriguing species such as the Brazilian Tapir and Giant Anteater, while other people may opt for the experience of a relatively relaxing plant-hunting expedition in China.

Naturetrek continue to hold true to their mantra of developing wildlife experiences for travellers of vastly differing interests, and particularly adventurous travellers may be excited about the prospect of staying in the tree top camps in the Republic of Congo, observing boisterous primates including the Grey Cheeked Mangabey and Western Lowland Gorillas. Alternatively some travellers may take the opportunity of exciting sightings of fearsome predators such as the Lion and Cheetah as they prowl their territory in Tanzania.

Tour bookings with Naturetrek include transportation, accommodation and expert guiding. Anyone wishing to learn more should visit the Naturetrek website.

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