LiverSmart is a proprietary liver cleanse product, which combines Milk Thistle with other complementary liver cleansing compounds that have been shown to cleanse and support the liver. LiverSmart offers six active ingredients, including Milk Thistle standardized to 80 percent Silymarin, verified by third-party independent testing.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and processes toxins and other substances that can cause illness, rendering them harmless. Studies have shown that cleansing the liver with milk thistle and other compounds can offer several health benefits. Liver detoxification helps the liver clean the blood more effectively, ultimately leading to better health, disease prevention and feelings of wellness.

To be effective though, the compounds need to be at full strength. After more than 60% of products tested by an independent testing watchdog were found to be below the advertised strength. Naturenetics’ LiverSmart has begun publishing independent test results confirming the full and proper dose.

Most people trust what is printed on the packaging of health supplements. Customers assume that the ingredients are carefully documented, even if they do not always understand them. However, the latest test results, on liver cleansing products, from ConsumerLab, the independent testing watchdog, revealed that customers are being misled by over half of brands.

These independent tests show that 60 percent of products tested had less than the advertised amount of Silymarin, the key active liver cleanse component. The worst performing product had just 42 percent of the advertised Silymarin.

The questions a buyer looking for liver cleanse needs to ask include, "Does this product contain what it says on the packaging?" and "How can I be sure?" What no customer should do is take for granted the information printed on the label.

One company, Naturenetics of Newport Beach, Ca., has come up with an answer. Every production batch of its LiverSmart, as seen at is independently tested and certified to contain the published contents. The results are published on its website and the buyer can cross-reference the batch number on the packaging with the published, independent certification.

Graeme Potter, President of Naturenetics, said, "Buyers need to have confidence that the product they are buying not only contains the advertised content, but it will provide the health results they seek. Sure, it costs more for Naturenetics to perform these tests on each of our production batches, but we think the buyer needs the confidence that, when they buy LiverSmart from Naturenetics, they are getting the highest quality product — and exactly what they are paying for."

Until agencies enforce stricter standards on manufacturing and claims made on labels, Mr. Potter urges buyers to seek independent verification that their proposed purchase meets the advertised claims.
About Naturenetics: Naturenetics is a health and wellness company that holds the very highest standards of product purity and effectiveness. All Naturenetics’ products are independently tested to ensure they contain the stated dosage of ingredients and are produced in an FDA-approved facility with special attention to purity and exclusion of allergens and potentially dangerous substances.

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