Nature Sound Spa, the web’s largest collection of nature sounds has updated their website. Their website has been given a complete facelift in order to make it easier for customers to easily find the perfect nature sound. The new website is packed full of essential features, along with a fresh and inviting new look.

The state of the art website was launched on January 1st 2013 after many weeks of development and planning. The reason behind this update was to allow customers to easily find the perfect nature sound. In the past, several customers had complaints about how hard it was to find a nature sound on the website. The company hired a professional web design agency to address these issues and make things easier for customers. As a result the website looks much more professional and easier to use.

As part of Nature Sound Spa’s efforts to facilitate access to nature sounds, Nature Sound Spa’s website has undergone a number of improvements in terms of content, functionality and design. The new features of the website include a cleaner layout, a responsive design, and an MP3 audio player that can be played on any device. The improvements to the website also include a more sophisticated search function, navigation system, interactive review and ratings system and better social networking.

Since 2010, Nature Sound Spa has recorded over 70,000 unique visitors from an increased number of countries. The site has experienced an incredible amount of growth, particularly from Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. The growth in the users of the website is an indicator of the broadened interest in nature sounds as well as the relevance of the various nature sounds made available through this website. Since the launch of this website in 2010, the number of visitors had almost tripled and the time spent on the website had significantly increased.

Nature Sound Spa offers ocean sounds , rain sounds and other nature sounds delivered instantly, at the click of a button. All of their nature sounds have no additional background music and are accessible in a a 30-minute basic edition and a 60-minute extended edition. You can preview each of their MP3 audio files in order to easily identify the perfect nature sound. All of their nature sounds are delivered instantly by digital download.

For more information regarding the service offered by Nature Sound Spa please visit their new website for new range of product.

Company: Nature Sound Spa
Address: Montreal, Canada
Contact: Felicia Jackson, (Chief Marketing Officer for Nature Sound Spa)
Email: [email protected]