May 14, 2015 — “The Black Salve Information Hub” — a website that regularly publishes substantial and interesting articles about cancer treatment, particularly about the natural alternative called Black Salve — relaunches its website featuring a new easy-to-navigate interface and user-friendly features.

The Black Salve Information Hub ( contains articles such as a comprehensive analysis of Black Salve ingredients and how each one works against cancer, step by step instruction on how to use Black Salve, some medical and personal advice about the prerequisite knowledge before patients start taking Black Salve and much more.

It has since become a home to more than a hundred of informative articles about Black Salve, skin cancer and treatment thereof, and related alternagtive health articles. contains a library of containing articles about black salve which are accessible through the navigation bar under the ‘Information’ tab. This way, readers can easily navigate from one article to another and will be spared the trouble of having to dig through endless articles to find what they are looking for.

In addition, it now allows readers to sign up for an account and enjoy the members-only contents for free. Some content is reserved exclusively for the members on account of their sensitive and controversial nature. In addition, readers can also subscribe to the website’s newsletter and receive newly released articles and other updates straight to their email. also holds interactive discussions about natural alternative treatment, usually via Facebook. The number of its Facebook group members is increasing exponentially and it can be attributed to more and more people becoming aware of what miracle Black Salve does. Follow and join the discussion:

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